Wow!! It took me more than I was expecting, but whatever, I like it!!
 So.. Yeah!! Kevedd fandom hooked me on this and I can’t get enough. Because of this, I wanted to contribute with my own art.
 I took a break in a kevedd comic I’m doing, to do this (another kevedd stuff) and now I’m late with my comic because I wanted to see this piece finished…… I hate myself….
 Hope you folks know the first three guys in this pic, if you don’t, they are: Kevin, Eddward (Edd/Double D) and Nat. The last one is my OC, Derek, I created to my comic. When I finish the comic I’ll talk more about him. You just need to know that since Derek discovered he was gay, he loves Double D hehe cliche stuff… but I’m totally Kevedd

 I’m probably not doing another Kevedd thing until my comic is finished, but I hope you all enjoy this.

Kevin, Eddward (c) Danny Antonucci
Nathan (c) ~C2ndy2c1d
Derek (c) me

Please, do not modify it in any way. Credits for me.

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