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My mood f*cks my drawings… ♥♥♥♥

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Muahahaha now I sent Psique…

Burning Man related

Burning Suri by WanderingLola

It’d be really niiiice to go on one of these events *-* www.burningman.com/whatisburni…

But because I can’t go, I sent Sucena!!!

Burning Man related
Burning Psique by WanderingLola

Lose Yourself To Dance ♥

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My new babies :3

        Gael is two years older than his sister, Elah. When Elah was about to complete one year of life, the forest they used to live got attacked and burned down which cost the life of their parents when they tried to save their children’s life. The Forest Spirit, tired of that disrespect, cursed those who made that atrocity with her forest turning them into what they destroyed. Since then, peace rules, but that was yet not enough. But despite all of it, Gael had, alone, to take care of his little sister, had to shelter her. And for Elah, none of that really happened, because for a little baby, very few things make real sense. Now she wants to see what is out there despite every warning her brother gave her.

Gwenäel (or just Gael) and Elah Mahasiah © Me

I’ve always wanted to draw a satyr, but I always kept thinkg that I didn’t have the proper skills…. BUT NOW I DO… AND I’M HAPPY… AND OBSESSED WITH THESE SIBLINGS ;D

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Ha Finally I finished the first price of my Drawing Giveaway, and it goes to this lovely lady, who asked for her Oc, Jayde.

And with this, I’m finally done with the DG!!

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Oh Gods! I got carried on with this piece… I’m so happy with the result.. ANYWAY, this is the second price of my Drawing Giveaway.

I just noticed that I NEVER had drawn Leo……… HOW COME??!! But, well, it’s said that the first time we never forget LOL and I really liked this one!!

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"What an open space I am!"

Sucena © me

This is the third price of the drawing giveaway I did on deviant… I should do one for Tumblr…


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INTERESTED? So please, follow these simple steps to get one amazing drawing:
-Send me your request on my email telling me your choice. (Inks, Flats or Full colors)
-There MUST be a link to a reference. (Image of your original character, artist, game, comic, friend, dog… whatever, just link ‘em there.)
-explain in details what you want. (I won’t do extremely poses, so pick some casual ones.) 
-choose the colors.
-I finally accept it.
-You pay me.
-I give you the desired drawing.
   Easy unh?

*bust up is cheaper!!
    -Inks: $7
    -Flats: $10
    -Full Color: $15

*original image

Reblogging the Love!

Great thanks! I hope you like it, I'm not a native english speaking either so I hope it doenst have many mistakes. Here's the link so you can read it: fanfiction (.) (net) (/s/10172457/1/Feeling-Normal)


Oh gods!! I just read your story and I’m sooooooo flattered you can’t even imagine… my heart stoped for a while!! I’m so happy that my drawing kind of inspired you!! 

You’re such a great writer, you described so well every one of the characters that I could swear it was a continuation of the book, seriously. I laughed throughout the entire story, Percy and Paul’ conversation about sex was soooo funny. Also Percy and Annabeth, the way these two were so much in love with each other in every word they shared, their friendship, above all, are simply amazing. And their first time was simply perfect… and the way you finished with he saying “no more nightmares”, just after their talks about their future AUSHDIASUDHUAHSDIASJDIASID (>//u//<) MORE THAN PERFECT!!! GODS, I’M HIGH OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH YOU FF!!!

Here, a gift for you:


As a way to say that your story are seducing me!!! sorry it’s messy, but I did it quickly!!

**I was so pissed off today because I had the shities shit day of my life, but then I read your story, and I’m finally happy. So this is my way to say thank you!! THANK YOU!! <3



Ok tumblr, já pode parar de jogar os fandoms na minha cara!!! Me rendi a mais um……………. Brarg!!!!!!!!!! 

Esse Luciano é muito fofo… E seu parceiro ser o/a Argentina deixa as coisas ainda mais fofas!!!! TUDO CULPA DA  zu-art !!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Just another fandom I’ve surrendered D:

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Just wanted to draw ‘em ♥

»video process«

»A mathematical thing«


»See this, the original«

»WIP of this«

And the music is Madcon because I DO think Finn & Jake’d listen to it!